The blak curant Sonya riding a donkey Suterday evening In the garden Golden fishes Sofia Pond in Temnikov Monastery yard Rest in the Fild Kittens Garden in the village of Terpigorev Winter Horses in the Garden. Evening in Terpigorevo village The rain in Kizhi Kizhi Island Bell tower of the Transfiguration C Autumn in the mountains Gypsy quarter in Chanakal Pskova land Battle  of Achilles and Hector The dispute in Troy The Argonauts Old and Young Streets musikant Kelt Spanish trio Sicilian song Lu sciccareddu Native American rhythms Ivan Kupala Night celebration Parking in La Roshel Old Pinetree in Cartare The Fog in Spanish mauntains Amboise. Loire after flood Cafe-in-Berre-Les-Alpes. Sunshine in Villefranche Morning Beer and snack Blu Steel life The wind Nasturtiums