Yuri Vasiliev
Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Curriculum Vitae

Yuri Vasiliev, the painter and engraver, was born in 1950, in St.-Petersburg (Leningrad) in family of the artist.
He received his diploma of academy of Fine Arts of St.-Petersburg (Institute after I.E.Repin). His field of study was engraving, but the spectrum of his artistic practice is much wider: he paints in oils, acryl and especially loves watercolor paintings. Among various themes of works the main topics are lyrical, epical and thematic landscapes with the elements of architecture and ethnography.
Yuri lives in Northern Russia and for this reason his art has two favorite themes - the North and the Sea. However, for Yuri the North is more than only a geographical concept. His far ancestors were seamen from Arkhangelsk, his great-grandfather was an admiral of a fleet and has sailed through all the seas. Yuri has been born into a family of artists and this, combined with the traditional passion for the Sea, gave him his poetic perception of the North.
Yuri Vasiliev travels a lot, but the strongest impression came from his journey to Lofoten, northern Norway. His work and vision of the Northern Lands was influenced a lot by living and working in the nature, meeting artists and experiencing their original style of a life. This inspired him to create over 30 watercolor paintings which he has exhibited in Russia, Finland, France, Germany and Poland.
Other part of his artistic potential derives from the curiosity for the history and culture of Western Europe. Russians say: “The one who does not know the past - has no future”, and through the characters of his paintings – wanderers, beggars, minstrels and musicians - Yuri projects himself and his traveling experiences. The color pallets of Provence, north Italian landscapes or the Alpine slopes encourage the artist to express his color predilections. Every year this series replenishes with new images.
Last years Yuri Vasiliev has made many artistic travels across western Europe. The organization and carrying out of seminars and “plein-air” (outdoors) painting sessions in cities of northern Germany became a prominent element of his professional activity. With a group of artists – friends and like-minded colleagues they arranged numerous master-classes, workshops and exhibitions in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.
Yuri Vasiliev is a member of: The union of artists of Russia, Associations of critics, Societies of aquarellists of St.-Petersburg, Societies of artists-marine painters of St.-Petersburg.
September 8, 2015 V.V. Putin signed a decree awarding Yu.A. Vasiliev honorary title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation."

Selected group exhibitions:

1971 - Exhibition hall of the mayoralty Prague, Czechoslovakia.
1980 - Exhibition hall of the Union of artists of Moldova, Kishinev.
1992 - “Russian Watercolors”, Oslo, Denmark.
1991 - “Science Can Be Art”, Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, National Exhibition,
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA.
1993 - “S.Peterburg Art”, Exhibition hall of Baden-Würtenberg, Stuttgart, Germany.
1995 - International exhibition of animal painters, Hibel Museum оf Art, Florida, the USA.
1998 - “Russian Water colors”, the Museum of a water color, Mexico City, Mexico.
2000 - “The Russian-Mexican exhibition of a watercolor” , Main Exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
2000 - “Moscow - Petersburg “, St. Petersburg, Main Exhibition hall.
2002 - “50 years of studio of artists of marine painters” , Main Navy museum St. Petersburg.
2002 - Festival of art of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Normandy, France.
2002 - “Russia X “, Main Exhibition hall, Moscow.
2004 - “The German province in the pictures of the St. Petersburgian artists” ,
Vladimir Nabokov museum, St.Peterburg.
2005 - “The Art-bridge”, watercolor paintings , Main Exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
2005 - 2-nd Biennial of a pastel, the exhibition center of Union of artists, St. Petersburg.
2005 - “Mühlenmuseum”, Woldegk, Germany.
2006 - “The World of the childhood”, exhibition hall museum of water, St. Petersburg.
2007 - “From a masquerade to parade”, city sculpture museum, St. Petersburg.
2008 - “75 year the Union of artists“, Main Exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
2008 - “H2O”, watercolor paintings, Union of artists, St. Petersburg.
2009 - “Russia XI “, Main Exhibition hall, Moscow.
2009 - “Spring Exhibition”, Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg CX.
2009 - “Leningrad-Petersburg, Petersburgers of Leningrad”. Ex. Hall of Artists of Russia, St. Petersburg.
2010 - International Trade Fair, Ahaus, Germany.
2010 - “Music in the visual arts”, Variety Theater, St. Petersburg.
2010 - "Modern graphics of St. Petersburg." Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan.
2011 - "Spring Exhibition", Exhibition Hall SPb CX.
2011 - Plener exhibition in Bienlin, Bosnia.
2011 - “World Armenian Exhibition” Yerevan.
2011 - “Autumn Exhibition”, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg CX.
2011 - Watercolor exhibition, St. Petersburg CX.
2012 - Exhibition "The Edge of Petersburg Watercolor" 02.03.-15.04. Vyatka
               Museum them. V.M. I am. Vasnetsov. Kirov.
2012 - “Ventanas Hacia Rusia” museo “Alfredo Guati Rojo. 18.03.-16.04. Mexico
2012 - “Petersburg Palette of Armenia”. Spb CX.
2012 - “80 years of SPb CX. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" St. Petersburg.
2012 - "The Art of Nations - II" 20 years of the Confederation of Creative Unions, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2012 - Art Salon 2012 "Ways of the road." Central House of Artists, Moscow
2012 - "Physical Education and Sport", Moscow, Central House of Artists.
2012 - Exhibition of selected works of modern Russian painting. Academy
                public service. Beijing, China.
2012 - “RUSSIAN FLEET DEDICATED”, Palace of Youth, St.
2012 - “Una mirada al Arte Ruso (1950-2010)”, “St. Petersburg Watercolor” Museum
                 watercolors, Mexico City, Mexico.
2012 - "Presentation", EC CC St. Petersburg.
2012 - “St. Petersburg - Vorkuta. With love ", Representation of the Komi Republic in
               St. Petersburg.
2012 - "175 years of Russian Railways," Museum of Ethnography, St. Petersburg.
2012 - "Watercolor Mosaic", St. Petersburg CX, St. Petersburg.
2012 - "Autumn Exhibition" St. Petersburg CX, St. Petersburg.
2012 - "Fine Arts of St. Petersburg." Regional Picture
- gallery, Tambov.
-2012 - “Leningrad - Sevastopol. Witnesses of the siege days. ” Showroom
           St. Petersburg Union of Artists, St. Petersburg.
-2012 - "Beauty is a terrible force." Gallery "Glass Rosvuzdizayn." Saint
2013 - “Biennale of watercolor”, St. Petersburg.
2013 - “Images of the Arctic”, Salekhard.
2013 - “Russian North” Syktyvkar.
2013 - “Autumn Exhibition” St. Petersburg CX, St. Petersburg.
2013 - "To the 70th anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad." Spb CX. Saint Petersburg.
2013 - "Art Bridge St. Petersburg - Aland" Mariehamn, Aland.
2014 - "Russia XII". Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2014 - "Salon 2014". Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2015 - “Victory 2015”. CHA. Moscow.
2015 - "70th Anniversary of Victory". Exhibition Hall SPb CX
2015 - “Russia. Russia. Motherland. Gostinka-Art. St. Petersburg
2015 - “Autumn 2015”. Exhibition Hall SPb CX
2015 - “VIII International Biennale“ Art-Bridge-Watercolor ”2015. Yusupov Palace.
             Saint Petersburg
2016 - International Assembly of Artists "Plastovskaya Autumn" 2016, Ulyanovsk.
2016 - “Autumn 2016” Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg CX
2016 - Exhibition "50 years of consular service in St. Petersburg" Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
              in St. Petersburg.
2016 - All-Russian exhibition "Faces of Russia". Arkhangelsk.
2017 - Exhibition "50 years of consular service in St. Petersburg" Presidential
              library them. B.N. Yeltsin.
2017 - “Once again I visited.” Exhibition graduates LIHSA them. I.E. Repin. Museum Pushkin Hills.
2017 - “85th Anniversary of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists” at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg.
2017 - “My Golden Russia” Museum of Ethnography of St. Petersburg.
2017 - “Magiographies” Youth Center “Environment”, St. Petersburg.
2017 - “Plein-A-Modified Reality” International Exhibition of Russian and English artists, Russian State Pedagogical University.
2017 - 25 years old exhibition hall on the square. Chernyshevsky 6.
2017 - “By the roads of Carlo Levi” Misanello, Italy
2017 - "European artists in the villages of Basilicata" Montalbano, Italy.
2017 - "Basilicata through the eyes of European artists" Rivello, Chiaromonte, Italy.
2017 - "Plein Air in Basilicata" Art School. MK Anikushin, Kronstadt.
2017 - “17 year. Reboot. Time ahead »Exhibition Hall of the Moscow district of St. Petersburg.
2017 - “Somerset Art’s Week” by Castle Cary. England.
2017 - “100 years of revolution” SPb CX.
2017 - "Autumn 2017" St. Petersburg CX.
2017 - "Watercolor 2017" Yusupov Palace. SPb
2017 - “Under the Pelican's Wing”, the State Russian Museum.
2017 - “The Art of St. Petersburg Artists” Bombay, Calcutta. India.
2018 - "Fortress of the Spirit" Yusupov Palace, St. Petersburg.
2018 - “To the 100th anniversary of the death of the royal family” St. Petersburg.
2018 - “Russian North” Murmansk
2018 - “Woman from Art to Passion” by Martina Franco, Italy.
2018 - “Charity auction to re-create a memorial to the victims of World War I
              War ", EC SPb CX
2018 - "Old Man Derzhavin noticed us." Exhibition engraving "Museum Derzhavina", St. Petersburg.
2018 - “Russian North”, Murmansk.
2018 - “Autumn 2018” VZ SPb CX
2018 - “Russia XIII”, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2019 - "Drawing of St. Petersburg artists", St. Petersburg CX, St. Petersburg.

Solo exhibitions:

1985 - Club “Majak”, St. Petersburg.
1985 - Cinema ”Hudozestveny”, St. Petersburg.
1985 - Club Izora fabric, Kolpino, St. Petersburg
1992 - Big Exhibition hall, Okhta, St. Petersburg.
1992 - The Moscow district Exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
1993 - The Gallery “Feodor”, Sestroretsk, St. Petersburg
1993 - The Cultural Center in Svolvaer, Northern Norway.
1995 - The Center of the Russian Science and Culture, Helsinki, Finland.
1996 - Festival “St.Petersburg's Art”, Szczecin, Poland.
1996 - Gallery “Art “, Zielona Gora, Poland.
1996 - The Center of the Russian Science and Culture, Helsinki, Finland.
1998 - Theatre “L'Atalant “, Paris, France.
1999 - Gallery “Yutny dom” S.Petersburg.
1999 - Gallery “Dessertene”, Paris, France.
2000 - The Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg.
2001 - The Russian-French House, Nice, France.
2002 - City museum, Penkun, Germany.
2003 - Gallery “Na Bastionnoi”, Pskov city
2003 - The Historical - architecturally-art museum, Kronstadt, St. Petersburg
2003 - St. Marienkirhe, Pasevalk, Germany.
2006 - “Presence”, exhibition hall of the Moscow district St. Petersburg.
2007 - “Konstance Bank”, St. Petersburg.
2007 - Queen Louise Museum, Hohenziritz, Germany.
2007 - Johanneskirche gallery, Malchin, Germany.
2008 - “XXI Art a forum Castle Aihhofen“, Regensburg, Germany.
2009 - Shijiazhuang Academy of Arts, Hebei, China
2010 - "... AND AGAIN SPRING", Exhibition Center SPb CX.
2010 - Villa Van Delden, Ahaus, Germany.
2012 - “Watercolor Duet”, Russian Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary.
2012 - “Atelier D'Art”, rue Druote 16, Nice, France.
2012 - "At the distant station I will descend ..." Cultural and Information Center. A.S.Pushkina
2913 - "Gateway of the East" House of Moscow in St. Petersburg, Kazanskaya st. 25
2014 - Smolny. Government SPb.
2014 - "The View from St. Petersburg." Council of the Federation. Moscow
2015 - “A look from St. Petersburg”. Vyborg Palace of Culture. St. Petersburg.
2016 - "... And the world around is filled with beauty" Gallery "Blue Living Room" St. Petersburg CX.
2016 - "Exhibition of watercolors" Gallery "Paint". Nanchang, China.
2017 - “Petersburg Graphics. Yuri Vasilyev. Bashkir State Art Museum. Mv Nesterov. Sterlitamak, Bashkiria.
2017 - "St. Petersburg - Golden XIX century". Cafe "Zinger" House of Books, St. Petersburg.
2018 - "Winter St. Petersburg." Administration of the Central District of St. Petersburg.
2018 - "Watercolor Yuri Vasiliev", Monte San Giacomo, Italy.


State Hermitage
Museum of the Academy of Arts of Russia
Museum of the History of St. Petersburg
State Public Library
Central Naval Museum
Ministry of Culture of Russia
Museum of Political History of Russia
Museum of Russian Railways
Museum of the October Railway
Yamalo-Nenets District Museum and Exhibition Complex. I.Shemansky. Salekhard.
Bashkir State Art Museum. Mv Nesterov. Sterlitamak, Bashkiria
Tula Regional Art Museum. Tula
Udmurt Republican Museum of Fine Arts. Izhevsk.
Salsk museum named after the national artist V.K. Nechitailo. Rostov
Belgorod State Art Museum. Belgorod.
Norilsk Art Gallery. Norilsk.
Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg
Museum "Pushkin Mountains"
Art Gallery of the city of Kirishi
Museum of the city of Pine Forest
Vyatka Museum them. V.M. I am. Vasnetsov. Kirov
Historical and architectural museum of the city of Kronstadt
Historical Museum of the Benois Family, Petrodvorets
Museum of Friendship of the Peoples of Armenia and Russia, Yerevan
Pomeranian Library, Szczecin, Poland
Museum of Penkun, Germany
Historical Museum of Art Strasbourg, Germany
"Mullemuseum", Woldek, Germany
Queen Louise Museum, Hoheniritz, Germany
Knightly Order "Der Grif", Germany
Collection of the Dukes of Mecklenburg-Streletsky, Germany
Russian House, Basilicata, Italy.


1980 - Grant Union of artists USSR for travel and work in Moldova
1983 - Grant from Main Navy museum for travel and work at Barentz sea.
1990 - Grant Union of artists of Russia for travel and work in Turkmenia
1993 - Residency at the North-Norwegian Center of Arts (Svolvaer)
2008 - Grant “XXI Art forum Castle Aihhofen” Regensburg, Germany
2011 - Residency "Armenian palette", Armenia.
2011 - Residency "Plein air paint" Bielina, Bosnia-Gerzegovina.
2012 - Grant of the St. Petersburg Center for Humanitarian Programs, Turkey
2017 - Grant Museum Carlo Levi, Basilicata, Italy.
2017 - Residency "Armenian palette", Armenia.
2018 - III Prix Mostra Conkorso a tema "La Donna Tra Arte E Passione" Martina Franca, Italy.
2018 - Residency Akademy Knidos, Turkey.