White night on the fjord Turkey. Kilitbahir fortress View of Eboli The long road to Eboli. Watchman. The long road to Eboli. Valsini The long road to Eboli. The gorge. The long road to Eboli. Morning Switzerland. Saint Gotthard Sunset in Top Cartare Starfall in Kizhi Song of the native Lucania Sea shore Portugal. Boats in Porto Olive grove Old pier Mountain village Monastery Bay Mummers. Spanish trio Indian rhythms Holiday in the village of Kunali Herd Heather fields in Krolle Mulle Heather blooms Greek wedding Gray day in Kizhi Gardens of the monastery of Orsoleo Foggy morning The road to the temple Flowering chestnuts in the Taven England. Somerset. Bruton Crete. Palm Beach in Vaya Crete. Agios Nikolao Cranes over Allano Cormorants on the waves Cane At the source of the river Svir Sunset in Top Cartare April morning in Mont Saint Mishel Boats in Normandy Atlantic in Biarits Monaco Ville Sea, palm, white boat Monte Carlo Restaurant at Rue de la Prison Provence lanes. Villefrange Arena in Arles Altai. Bukhtorma Aliano