По Франции

Journey to France

Storm in Sable de Olon sur Mer. Roussillion Villefransche at evening The New Bridge Square Dofin Sea, palms and white ship Resaurant on Rue de la Prison Monte Karlo Monako Wille Boulevard de Rochechouart Autumn in Provence Bonson at evening. Autumn in moutains Yellow haus in Arles Villefranche Chapel Sant Ippolit du Fort Rue Henri Biais. Arena in Arles.   Normandy. Top Cartare. pastel Last beam of the sun. pastel Atlantic Ocean near by Biaritz. pas The fog in Ands mountains. pastel Cafe in Berre Les Alpes, pastel Villfranche at evening, watercolour Port Bail. Last harbour, aqarell In the Alpes, watercolour In dunes of Normandy, watercolour